Library of Civilisation

The Methodology

It is an English language library within a finite space of approximately one thousand volumes. We will choose the initial books, music, film and artefacts. Unavoidably, it will, in its initial state, be western centric and in almost all areas guided only by a layman’s sources of knowledge. From there on we will take advice wherever we can find it. We assume that there are any numbers of omissions. Once they are pointed out to us, and we are convinced, we will add them either into the library or onto the list of items that we have yet to buy. If we are not convinced by a suggestion then we will not depend on our own limited knowledge to refuse, but will pester everyone we know with the necessary learning for their advice.

Why a library?

The only other option we could think of was a list on the web, and although we consider the web to have been the technological advance of the twentieth century, for this purpose it is a far, far cry from a library. We need civilisation in one space, in familiar and, in many cases, much loved volumes. We need to be able to sit down and say that this room is as near as we can get to expressing where we are and how we got there. We need to browse without any plan. We need the warmth, beauty, excitement, and tranquillity of a library.

We hope you enjoy it

Frank and Rosemarie

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